Day 24-26 – Food Day Film Festival

I’m nearing the end of the 30-day Paleo Challenge, and kicking Food Day publicity into high gear at UNC. It’s been a crazy busy month, and I think that trying to do full blown Paleo at the same time as trying to organize a week of Food Day activities has been pretty stressful. Even though […]

Day 20-23: Paleo Brunch!

Since I have been waitressing every day this weekend, as well as preparing for UNC’s Food Day Film Festival, my paleo cooking has suffered a bit. I have eaten way too many nuts in the past couple days, out of sheer laziness and exhaustion after working 8 hours at a restaurant. That’s one of the […]

Skin Problems on a Standard American Diet

I just dug up this picture from the summer of 2010. I had spent about 3 months traveling in Australia with a tour company, and my diet was AWFUL. And by awful, I mean the standard American diet. Cereal at breakfast. Sandwiches at lunch. Pasta at dinner. Grains, grains, grains, grains. Lots of pasteurized, low-fat […]

GOOD NUTRITION (in 100 words or less!) | CaveGirlEats

GOOD NUTRITION (in 100 words or less!) | CaveGirlEats. So simple.    

Day 16-18

I know I’ve been cutting these posts down to every other day or so, but my school and extra curricular activities have gotten a bit crazy lately. But I can report that the paleo challenge is still going really well. I’ve made room for things like grass-fed butter and heavy cream, and the occasional dash […]

Day 13-15: Traveling!

OK so I made a trip up to Washington D.C this weekend to discuss with a group of people our plans for implementing a process in the dietary guideline creation. Apparently, as I learned this weekend, there are no rules or regulations for how these guidelines are created, so anyone can say anything and there […]

Day 12

Today was very good on the paleo front, since I ate most of my meals at home. It’s insanely easier to find something to eat when you’re cooking for yourself, or when you stock your pantry/fridge with awesome paleo options. I get so much great meat and produce from the farmer’s market, and can make […]

Day 11

I’ve been finding that staying paleo is really only difficult when I eat out. I joke with my paleo-challenge friend that when we look for food in our school cafe, its essentially our day’s worth of hunting and gathering. It’s a bit sad that vegan options are all around, but no paleo. Just for consistency, […]

Carbs against Cardio: More Evidence that Refined Carbohydrates, not Fats, Threaten the Heart: Scientific American

Carbs against Cardio: More Evidence that Refined Carbohydrates, not Fats, Threaten the Heart: Scientific American. I wish this evidence would be taught in nutrition courses. We’re still being told that saturated fat, because it “raises cholesterol”, is bad for you.

Day 8-10… whoops!

So one of the problems with being in grad school is that you end up being really busy. All the time. So doing a photoblog of my diet is starting to get challenging to keep up with. I think from now on I’ll only post pictures of creative meals that I eat to give you […]