Write a letter to Gourmet Live!

Hey tribe! I found a great opportunity to start spreading the word about the amazing-ness of the Ancestral/Paleo “diet”. (why are they always calling it a diet??) I encourage all of you to write your own letter to the editor, describing the success you’ve had with the Ancestral/Paleo Lifestyle. We need to really kick our […]

Winter Break Reading List

Just received all these books in the mail today. Going to try to read at least two or three over winter break! Definitely starting with Nutition and Physical Degeneration. Have any of you read these books? Which should I read second?

Book Review – Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox

Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox By Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue When I say “Vitamin K”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If you’ve taken any basic anatomy and physiology class, you might think “Koagulation!” (well, that was my first thought at least). For decades, we’ve been learning about Vitamin K as being […]

Paleo Hacks – Keratosis Pillaris

I was browsing Paleo Hacks this morning and came across the following question: My boyfriend and I are in very different places in the paleo journey. He has been following the lifestyle for years and I only started a few months ago. We have been fussing with macro nutrient ratios lately. He is always low […]


Welp, just had my first “Paleo” Thanksgiving. Was pretty awesome. Navigating Thanksgiving this year was surprisingly easy, thanks to my Martha-Stewart-inspired Aunt who was very excited to show me the menu she had planned that could fit into my Paleo template. I was very grateful for her consideration of my “dietary needs” when she planned […]

Nutrition Series – Choline and Pregnancy

One of my goals for this blog is to bring attention to the variety of essential nutrients that we “Paleo kids” need to make sure we’re getting in our diet. One of the major problems with the mainstream understanding of Paleo eating is the lack of attention to micronutrient content of our food. Part of […]

Broth Time Part Two, with an extra dose of Energy!

I just wanted to show you all how my broth turned out. I only used marrow bones so it was quite yellow due to the high fat content. I think next time I’ll try to do a mix of marrow bones, knuckles, and meaty bones to get a wide variety of flavors and nutrients. Its […]

Observations at a Hospital

Yesterday I got to visit the hospital at my university and go behind the scenes of their food preparation service, and see what goes into the food at a highly ranked, state university affiliated hospital. Let’s just say once delivery got underway, I was thoroughly horrified. I do need to preface my observations with the […]

It’s Bone Broth Time!

After having a hot cuppa beef bone broth every morning at the WAPF conference (with coconut oil and mineral salts), I decided to finally try it out in my own crock pot. I bought some nice marrow bones from the farmer’s market, and cracked open my brand new copy of “Food Lovers Make It Paleo”. […]

Issues regarding School Lunches – Is Pizza a Vegetable? Does it even matter?

Today in one of my classes, we had a huge discussion regarding school lunch policy, and how best to make significant changes in our schools to improve child health and reduce obesity. I think they used the catch phrase “fruits and vegetables” about 23847 times (I counted), and I was frustrated to say the least […]