Summer Plans and Workout Motivation


Well, my second semester is just about finished… thank goodness. I don’t know why this semester was so much more stressful than the first, but I really wore myself out with school work and my part-time job. I’ve been so exhausted the past few weeks in general – I even slept until 11:30 today, which […]

Ancestral Education: April 29th


I’ve decided to start a new weekly posting on the different news and blog articles I’ve been checking out on a weekly basis. That and I’ll be posting my favorite picture from my week in ancestralized eating. I just got a semi-new Canon Rebel EOS so I’ll be playing around with more food photography. This […]

The Role of Nutrition in Collagen Production

Pig's feet are SUPER high in collagen

Want to have healthy, firm skin? Looking for a way to include foods in your diet to promote optimal skin health? Read this to find out why I recommend consuming bone broth on a regular basis, along with vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables as often as possible. Just another reason why a properly designed Paleo […]

Training with Fifth Ape – Part Two

Becky is much better at this sort of thing.

I had another great session with Colin from Fifth Ape, only this time we were in the Forest Theater at UNC, rather than the gym. (Read more about my first session here) I think the Forest Theater is so awesome, it makes me feel like I’m in an ancient Roman colosseum or something. Definitely a really […]

Friday the 13th?


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“My Life in a Pyramid” Interview

A few months ago, I received this email in my inbox: Hi there, Laura! This might sound random, but I was just on the phone with your mom, Pamela, earlier today … Basically, I heard her talk at the Dietary Guidelines Press Conference and figured I’d contact both her and Adele Hite to seek advice about nutrition-related […]

Training with Fifth Ape – Day One

One of the cool things about getting involved in the Paleo community is that it drives you to seek out new opportunities to enhance your Paleo experience. That’s how I found Colin Pistell and his fitness training company, Fifth Ape. I literally searched the word “Paleo” on the website and found his meet-up group, […]

My Ancestral Nutrition Seminar at Fit Boot Camp

For more information about FitBootCamp, go to their website at: