2012 Reflections, 2013 Intentions

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2012 has been one heck of a year. It’s hard to believe that one year ago I was writing resolutions to love myself and others more. I’m actually pretty happy with the outcome of that, despite the fact that this has been another rollercoaster of a year emotionally. I’m slowly beginning to be more comfortable in […]

A Paleo Success Story


This is a guest post by Kristin Jekielek. She emailed me a few weeks to find out if I’d be interested in letting her share her Paleo success story with the readers of my blog. Of course I agreed – I think it’s great to hear the kind of health improvements people have seen when […]

My Search for Meaning

Which of these books is the most accurate?

This weekend, I’m glad I don’t have cable service. Reading the news and watching clips of President Obama speak about this tragedy in Connecticut has been enough to reduce me to tears. Reading the list of names and seeing pictures of all the victims, particularly the children, has made me feel sick with grief. I’ve […]