Fruitphobia: Why Fear of Fruit is Fruitless


Recently someone posted this question on my Facebook page: “Hey Laura, I would love to hear about what you think of fruit? In my nutrition class today (I’m going to be a NTP) they demonized carbs all day and specifically fruit. I know going low carb caused major problems like HA and adrenal problems. It’s […]

When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong


My last training session involved a lot of failure. Particularly when experimenting with a heavy front squat. Both times I tried it, I couldn’t get back up and had to drop the bar on the rack. My trainer took some weight off the bar and changed the movement since it was clear I wasn’t strong […]

The One Thing I Needed To Change My Relationship With Food And My Body


I’ve written before about the struggles I’ve had in the past with my approach to my personal health. Even though it’s easy for me to be kind and compassionate with my patients who struggle with their body image, I’d always held myself to an impossibly high standard. Isn’t it the truth that we’re all our […]

How Adrenal Fatigue Was Ruining My Health, And What I Did About It

Stressed business woman working on a laptop. She is casually dressed in an office with a large window. She looks very uncomfortable and could also have a headache. She is holding her hands to her temples and looking very upset. Copy space.

Note: If you’re confused about the term “adrenal fatigue”, read this article to understand why I use this term for this condition. As a health professional, there’s a lot of pressure to be healthy, for obvious reasons. As a business owner, there’s a lot of pressure to be financially successful. Again, obviously! As a woman, […]

My “Adrenal Fatigue” Philosophy: Important Changes In Light Of New Information


Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. – Steve Jobs One of the things that makes functional medical nutrition therapy really interesting, but also really challenging, is that new information is coming out all the time. And in my opinion, […]

3 Unexpected Things I’ve Learned From Strength Training

A woman lifts free weights in a professional gym.  She lifts the barbell behind her head to exercise and build the muscles in her back and shoulders.  The lighting is dramatic.  You can't see her face.

Psssst…. Want to learn all about living your strongest life from the smartest women in the wellness and fitness industry? Then grab your free ticket to the Women’s Strength Summit. Presentations go live on February 29th. My Fitness Journey (So Far) I’ve had an interesting fitness journey over the past ten years. In high school, […]

“Adrenal PCOS”: Could stress be causing your PCOS symptoms?


Is stressing about your diet and exercise routine ruining your fertility and causing PCOS symptoms? It’s well known that stress can cause the disruption or total loss of menstrual function in women. (1) And menstrual dysfunction, along with the physical symptoms of hormone imbalance, has become increasingly common over the past few decades. It’s now […]

Our Week Of “Washing Feet” in Haiti


Last week, I traveled to Haiti with a group of 10 people to participate in a medical mission trip. The goal of the trip was to provide medical care to as many Haitian people in need as possible, while spreading the love of Jesus to those who may not know Him yet. The trip was […]

Recipe: Butternut Squash And Apple Bake


I’ve been seeing dozens of recipes for butternut squash all over social media lately, with the caveat that it’s the recipe “for people that hate butternut squash”. Do people really hate butternut squash? I find that hard to believe, especially since the recipe I just created literally tastes like dessert to me. This #Paleo Butternut […]

Get Paleo Groceries And Meal Plans Delivered By Relay Foods

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I’ll admit, I’m not a big “meal planner”. My general strategy for feeding myself is to just show up at the farmers market or grocery store, see whatever looks good or is on sale, and buy it. At most, my grocery shopping strategy consists of looking for veggies, starches, meat/eggs, and maybe a treat here […]