Ethiopian Beef and Mushroom Stew


We got hit with some major snow and ice down here in North Carolina this week, and there were threats of power outages (Raleigh got a little out of control), so I decided to cook some food in advance to make sure I didn’t get stuck eating Larabars and bananas with nothing pre-made in my fridge. I […]

How I Passed My RD Exam


I’m happy to announce that I passed my RD exam on Saturday! I can’t even explain how good it feels to be done. The test was surprisingly challenging, and I was disconcertingly nervous the entire time, but I passed with flying colors and now can officially call myself a Registered Dietitian. That feels great to […]

Smokey Salmon Mousse


I have another Blendtec recipe for y’all this week! This time, I used the Twister Jar rather than the regular WildSide jar, since I wanted to try making a dip to serve with crackers (I like Mary’s Gone Crackers) or veggies, depending on what you like to snack on. The Twister Jar is great for dips and […]

Moroccan Carrot And Turnip Soup


Last week, I was silly enough to buy fresh produce right before I was heading to Florida for a short visit to my Grandma. Chalk it up to WholeFoods autopilot. At first, I didn’t know what I would do with the bag of turnips and baby carrots in my fridge, and I was just hoping […]

Balancing Estrogen With A Healthy Diet


A common issue for many women (and some men) is hormone imbalance, where hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are too high, too low, or simply out of balance. Because of various dietary habits, medications, and environmental stressors, a common problem is for estrogen to be too high, which can lead to weight gain, acne, […]

Are Our Bodies Machines?


This is a guest post by Rebecca Walsh. She has an M.A. in philosophy from Münster University, Germany and has taken a special interest in the evolutionary sciences for the past two years. Author’s Note: I wrote this piece as an addition to Paleo Women are Phat, an essay that was very influential to my thinking […]

Seriously, US News?

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.32.48 PM

Every year, US News and World Report comes out with their report on the best and worst diets of the year. Every year, they’re pretty similar, and this year is no different. DASH, TLC, and the Mediterranean Diet are always top ranked, with some diets frequently falling near the top, such as Weight Watchers and […]

Homemade Plantain Chips


Happy first week of 2014, everyone! As those of you who read my first (and hopefully not last…) newsletter, one of my plans for this year is to start documenting and sharing recipes that I create as part of my ancestral diet to demonstrate the possibilities of food creation. I personally am not a big […]

Discovering Your Personal Paleo Code

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 2.52.41 PM

Chris Kresser has finally written a book, and it could very well be the last nutrition book you ever buy. Alright, that might be a stretch, since our knowledge about nutrition is always evolving and who knows what we’ll understand even a year from now. But as far as evidence- and experience-based recommendations go, Your […]