How to Finally Achieve Your Health Goals This Year


Making permanent changes to your diet, exercise routine, and overall lifestyle can be challenging. While many people are able to commit for a few weeks or months to a healthier way of life, sticking with those changes in the long term is often difficult. Maybe you’ve made some resolutions in the past that didn’t stick, […]

Recipe: Spiced Mulberry Cookies


I’m barely a recipe creator – let alone a baker – so when sent me a Paleo “holiday package” with coconut flour and dried mulberries and asked me if I’d like to create a recipe, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I very rarely make cookies and when I do, they’re using someone […]

100+ Recipes for Amazing Paleo and Primal Vegetables


I frequently have clients who say they hate vegetables. Hearing this can sometimes be challenging for me as a nutritionist, since not only are vegetables an incredibly important part of a healthy diet, but there’s also dozens of ways that veggies can be prepared to make them taste amazing! And I want my clients to […]

Will A Paleo Diet Make Your Bones Weak?


This is a preview of a guest article I wrote for The full article can be found here. One of the most common concerns of those starting a Paleo diet is that the diet is low in calcium. In fact, this is one of the biggest complaints from conventional medical professionals and dietitians: that […]

How To Shop At A Farmer’s Market: My Top 5 Tips

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Last Saturday, I took one of my clients (and she’s a friend from church!) on a trip to the Durham Farmers Market as a follow up to our initial appointment discussing her health concerns. During our first appointment, she expressed concern that she didn’t know where to buy food besides Whole Foods which was getting […]

Is It Time To Try A Low-Carb Diet?


This post originally appeared at You can read the full article at his website. Recently, I wrote an article about the potential pitfalls of following an excessively low carb diet, and the symptoms to watch out for to know if you’d benefit from adding carbs back into your diet. While I repeatedly pointed out that […]

Do You Need To Eat More Carbs?


This is a preview of a guest post I’ve written for, and you can read the full article on his website. Carbohydrates, and the role they play in a healthy diet, are one of the most hotly contested nutritional debates in the world, both in conventional and ancestral health circles. One one side, you’ve got folks who […]

Is Your B-Complex Vitamin Doing More Harm Than Good?


I recently received a tweet from a reader named Savannah, who asked the following question: @AncestralizeMe do you recommend a specific brand of a B vitamin complex to take? — Savannah Smith (@savannahxolynn) August 14, 2014 I realized something that should be a simple question could actually be quite complex (no pun intended!) depending on […]

Great Times at the Raleigh Paleo Pop-Up Dinner


Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a Paleo “pop up” dinner at the Busy Bee Cafe in downtown Raleigh. I found out about the event as it was being planned by a friend of mine, David, who runs a super cool website called Get Offline. I use this site ALL THE TIME to help […]

The 5 Best Paleo and Ancestral Books That Everyone Should Read


As a Paleo and ancestral health blogger, I get loads of books in the mail for review. There are dozens of new books coming out every year, and while I love the fact that there are so many voices out there sharing the word about the benefits of a real food diet, I also believe […]