Recipe: Sage Lamb Meatballs With Tahini Dipping Sauce and Shepherd’s Salad

Lamb Meatballs with Tahini Dipping Sauce and Shepherd's Salad

While I am a huge proponent of learning to cook, and making your own food from scratch, sometimes you just need something that requires no effort whatsoever. As some of you may know, I was in a car accident in January and I had some injuries that made working somewhat difficult. It also made cooking, […]

The Most Valuable Exercise Tool That Anyone Can Use


This is a guest post by Candice Briggs, a Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach based in Byron Bay, Australia. I always laugh when someone says to me, “Oh I was away and I wasn’t around a gym, so I didn’t do a work out”, or “I was house bound and couldn’t leave home” (insert excuse here) […]

Are Our Bodies Machines?


This is a guest post by Rebecca Walsh. She has an M.A. in philosophy from Münster University, Germany and has taken a special interest in the evolutionary sciences for the past two years. Author’s Note: I wrote this piece as an addition to Paleo Women are Phat, an essay that was very influential to my thinking […]

Never Too Early to Learn about Lowfat?


This is a guest post by my mom, Pamela Schoenfeld, MS RD, that originally appeared on the Psychology Today blog. The series will continue over the coming weeks. Samantha was in most ways a typical patient, slightly round in the middle but otherwise healthy. She knew a few things about healthy eating; she ate cereal with […]

The Battle for Butter


This is a guest post by my mom Pamela Schoenfeld, MS RD. Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel.  We are boxing with a bunch of misinformed “experts” on so many levels.  Just today, in response to my suggestion on an RD listserv that a good quality cod liver oil be given to a […]

Ancestral Eating Sent My Autoimmune Disease into Remission


This is a guest post by Ivy Hauser on her experience with using ancestral nutrition to manage her autoimmune condition. During my college years, I have been incredibly blessed to be able to experience the positive impacts that food can have on one’s health.  In the past four years, I’ve had two autoimmune diseases go into […]